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I love the plump of Aloe vera leaves that you obtain and which are filled with gel. You might purchase Aloe vera leaves at the producing area in different places. I am sharing places where I get it from, stores and online shops. This plant has an intention from its benefits! Where to buy aloe vera plant?

One of the advantages of Aloe vera that is growing would be the nutrients and the fresh gel that you get. I have been learning this medicinal plant for many decades, and I love that it includes many fabulous properties. I am sharing all my preferred locations for purchasing aloe vera leaves now.

I have seen articles with names such as “40 methods to utilize aloe vera “, “20 techniques to utilize aloe vera,” etc. I’ve got about seven different ways I use aloe vera. My Aloe vera plants will probably soon be ready for some bumper harvesting in roughly a few weeks.

At this time, I am looking for large, single leaves that I can find in the market section in Organic Grocer’s, a global market, a Mexican market. Each leaf inspires me.

Aloe Vera pretty pot

My newly bought plants. I’ll have a couple of Aloe pots in no time hopefully!

How to easily Cut an Aloe Vera leaf

I take a desirable portion of that the Aloe vera leaf, eliminate the”sharp” sides then cut a part of it. For applications, I use this way the gel on my skin. I peel off the surface or rub it directly. I cut it carefully, so I don’t scratch myself when I prepare smoothies.

There is a latex substance that is yellow beside the skin which leaks & I don’t utilize it. There are many sources that prevent from using it. Make up your opinion and do some research. Do not let your skin absorb all substances from the aloe leaf.

A piece of Aloe Vera plant

I just cut this piece off my plant. You can even see some yellowish latex which drips out.

How to Use then Aloe Vera Leaves

to deal with my skin irritations.

When I get a skin irritation (rash, insect sting, and so forth), I rub the cut aloe vera foliage on it. The goo feels so great because I store my leaves in the fridge. The cool feeling helps to relieve some discomfort.

to my face & neck a few times a week.

After the aloe vera layer dries a bit, I put moisturizer or oil over it, followed by sunscreen. I always apply sunscreen on my face – I live in the Arizona desert after all!

to my hair

I’ll leave it for about an hour or immediately before shampooing it out. I’ve nice, dry hair and although it will not turn it soft & glossy (let’s be honest!), it can make it feel conditioned.

I mix it with clay to make a face mask.

I leave it in for about 10 minutes to half an hour then wash off with water. The clay is purifying, and also the Aloe Vera moisturizes therefore that it’s really a fantastic (and so affordable!) method to pamper your neck & face.

Woman with An aloe vera face mask

to the heels of my feet.

Because I have never had them, I have never paid attention to nasty heels up until now. The warm desert has had its own toll on my feet. I enjoy wearing sandals or proceed to barefoot every time.

After two decades of a shoe-less lifetime here, the broken heels put in. My God, do they hurt!

Just before hitting the hay, I plaster on the aloe vera gel & juice all over my feet & then put on cotton socks. Not the most glamorous way to sleep but it does help.

to the skin under my tired eyes!

The eyes become bloated & tender as a result of perhaps maybe not enough sleep, allergies or perhaps even a little beer. I cut a few bits of peppermint (leaving skin) and then put these in the freezer for about five minutes approximately. Sit right back, put up your feet & apply to the affected area. Two or five minutes of this refreshes the eye area and leaves me to feel “depuffed”.

To add to my smoothie before blending.

It’s very refreshing, especially during hot summer days.

A smoothie from aloe vera gel

I have outlined my preferred method for processing, using and storing aloe vera leaves below

Storing Aloe plants and how long to use them

You would like to maintain your Aloe vera plant as fresh as possible. The process I follow is simple: wrapping the cut parts and wrapping it in a big plastic bag, close it carefully & tie with a kitchen ring.

I have discovered that Aloe leaves stay fresh for approximately 14 days. Keeping them no more than three weeks should be fine and with no waste of gel. As a result, the fresh side of it is most beneficial.

If you wish to use it for a more extended period, then make sure to follow my guideline to freeze it carefully. You could wrap it pretty much as you want as far as it’s well closed. A kitchen box is nice to use, and you can keep it afterwards.

What is good to know about the Aloe plant

When you get an Aloe vera piece freshly cut out of the plant, then the smell from it may be quite a little intense. Do not stress out; it’s only some nutrients with a strong smell but essential characteristics. It is going to disappear depending on what you do with it. I have discovered that leaves in stores do not have a strong smell. It’s the difference with the homemade plant you have.

Aloe vera plant on a kitchen table

When you have rubbed the gel onto your own preferred body area, you may use your fingernails to stir a bit more of this juice which is always good to take!

For instance, I’d cut a few inches of Aloe vera, then wrap them in foil and set them straight. The outcomes were fantastic for me, personally. My skin has been mushy and also juice & the gel had been watery. I still enjoy that sensation over my skin every time I repeat this process.

There’s that juicy gel oozing out that we all want. 

I adore how Aloe vera looks growing as a house plant or in the garden. However, I love its health properties, soothing effect and its healing abilities.

Let us know where to buy Aloe Vera plants? What is your favourite shop, and is it online?

We wish you then happy gardening !


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