Is aloe vera good for skin ? – Our taughts about it


Aloe vera might be one of the most famous herbal treatment applicable for skin conditions. It has many gel components proved to treat different kind of skins. After all, is aloe vera good for skin ?

As a matter of fact, you might have consumed aloe vera plant before for your abrasions, a couple of sunburns or even minor cuts.

In spite of many healing properties, you can be wondering about the safe use of this plant on your skin. Overall, the use is extra safe. If you use it as we recommend, the aloe gel can assist you with a large list of benefits. Here are some which we retained.

Natural substances of plants

Many of aloe vera based products we use everyday for skin are a result of a plant carrying the same name.

Genuinly there are different types of aloe vera and some researches estimate about 420 types. The plant we use for skin purposes is named aloe barbadensis Miller .

In traditional medicine aloe plant is useful as a topical gel. It’s a gel substance within the plant leaf. You can use the leaves naturally by taking out the substances and the gel.

Nontheless, you can get a ready-to-go gel. It is benefical for treating burns and also for wound healing process. Commercial aloe vera gel may have other useful ingredients like calendua or echinacea.

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Benefits of aloe vera for skin

If you are suffering from a difficult skin condition, we advise you to check with a dermatologist before you apply any aloe vera based product. Talk to your health professional about all benefits of this plant.

1. Treatment of burns

For small and first levels burns, you can apply some aloe gel to the concerned area up to three times a day. You can protect the same area with gauzes.

Aloe vera for burn treatment – Credits here

2. An addition to Sunburns

It is a fact that aloe vera helps woth sunburns. However a research shows that it is not the only way or even a very effective way to avoid and prevent sunvurns. It is important to use a sun protection cream every day while exposed to the sun.

3. Small-sized abrasions

If you have a scratch mark on your forehead or somewhere else upi can always apply some aloe vera gel. It get rid of pain and unlikable burns sensations. Use it at least three times a day.

4. If you cut yourself

If you use chemical substances for small cuts, you can consider using aloe gel instead. It has a stroong molecular structure which assists healing wounds quickly and it can also minimize scars formation. Your collagen levels are reinforced and they can fight better bacteria. Apply two to three times until your scar heals.

5. How to treat dry skin ?

The aloe vera gel can be absorbed in an easy and quick way. Hence its choice for people with an oily skin. However, you can use it as a treatment for dry skin as well. You might consider then using a moisturizer with aloe extracts after you finish bathing. It helps and facilitates integrating moisture inside the skin.

6. A Frostbite in winter

Frostbite as an injury caused by cold is a difficult condition which can require often immediate emergency treatment. Aloe vera gel have proved benefits against frostbite. Make sure to ask your health professional before consuming any for this matter.

7. What about cold sores ?

Cold sores can happen outside your mouth. The aloe vera plant may help you to treat the virus. Apply 1 tbsp of aloe gel at least twice a day until this cold sore is healed.

8. Eczema or inflamed skins

Aloe gel has moisturizing effects which can be of a big assistance for eczema. Although Different properties may help relieve eczema or dandruff, this eczema can affect different parts of your face and your ears.

9. How to use aloe vera for acne ?

The anti-inflammatory properties of the aloe plant may help treat different forms of acne. Based on that you can apply a small portion of gel directly to your pimples three times a day.

Aloe vera for Acne treatment – Credits here

What part to consider from the plant ?

The most important part of the aloe plant is the gel part inside its leaves. However many people do not possess an aloe vera pot. For this purpose, many products are available. Make sure to look for a good ratio of pure aloe gel while choosing your product.

If you go for a homemade aloe gel, make sure not to use all the leaf parts. In addition, the latex can be harmful for your skin use. Prefer the aloe gel and learn more about how to prepare it and freeze it for extra uses.

Let’s wrap it up

The aloe vera may be a great source of homemade treatments for your skin ailments. The NCCIH says that there is still studies and experiments to link benefits of aloe vera to a couple of skin treatments.

Remember always to be careful while applying to your skin aloe gel extracted or from a commercial product.

If you try aloe gel to your skin within a few weeks and do not notice a change, then speak to your dermatologist. They can advise you and suggest a couple of solutions as a treatment.

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