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What about all ladies there with curly strong hair ? You might have some thirsty curls right now. We know for sure that many of you are still looking for the perfect natural ingredient for hair maintenance and repair. If you already thought about the aloe vera then you are welcome. It is known as a moisturizer as well as a great natural replacement against dandruff and hair loss. Find out more in this article about benefits of the aloe plant or the aloe vera pure gel. If you still think why you should use it, let us explain why and even how to use aloe vera for hair.

What exact ingredients to promote healthy hair ?

Girls with curls usually are very careful with ingredients and products they use on their hair. Using the aloe vera gel is making sure to have a safe and natural product in hand. A small portion and a big repartition of water, 12 vitamins, a lot of amino acids and also natural water.

If you go for a pure aloe vera gel you will also get polymers, natural preservatives and plenty of additives. These ingredients will have a positive impact on your curly hair. That’s how big and popular brands such as Forever Living sell millions of products for curly haired persons.


You can get Aloe Jojoba shampoos, conditioners and even softeners. You can also mix and make your own products by using your own aloe vera gel at home.

How to use aloe vera for hair as a pre-shampoo

You can use the aloe gel as an excellent pre-shampoo hair care product tp reduce first your dandruff. Its natural enzumes and healing properties are perfect against dead skin cells. You maintain your hair and scalp pH levels balanced with an aloe moisturizer. Apply carefully your product to your scalp before washing. Manually massage the aloe gel and leave it at it is for a couple of minute. After that rinse very well before using a shampoo or carrying your shower.

Try also mixing your own product using some aloe vera juice and coconut oil or milk. Feel free to add some wheat germ oil (optional).

The Aloe gel for Shampooing

The gel from aloe vera plants can make an excellent moisturizer. Different shampoos in the market can give you dry hair. Try at least once a shampoo based on aloe gel and you can add extra aloe vera gel as well to your actual shampoo. You will make your hair products way better with extra properties.

Your natural conditioner

If you have a tight coiled strands, it is not safe to use natural oils. We advise you use products with an extra amino acids rate. It leaves your hair moisturized and conditioned. If you are wondering how much amino acids are included in the aloe vera gel the answer is about twenty (20) different ones.

You can both use a finished conditioner with aloe vera or mix your favorite conditioner with some extra aloe gel. Here is our recipe to go all the way natural with aloe vera:

How to use Aloe Vera to Moisturize – Credits here

DIY : recipe for a Conditioner

  1. Cut your aloe leaf from the stem and go upward.
  2. Use a dry clean spoon to remove all of the gel
  3. Apply the gel to damp hair. Start at the scalp and move down to the last part.
  4. Wrap after that your hair in a warm towel. Let your treatment sink for about 15 minutes straight.
  5. Wash your hair after you are done.

How to use the aloe vera for hair as a gel

Are you looking for great curls ? Many girls already use aloe gel to
moisturize curls. Conditioned curls are for sure better and they look healthier. If you are going through 4 coilies then we advise you using a small amount of gel. Do not hesitate discussing this matter with your health professional.

Your own DIY Styler : recipe

  1. Start by applying a small portion of aloe gel to your both hands after you wash and condition your entire hair.
  2. Crumple all of it before you start styling your hair with gel.
Styling your hair

How to use aloe vera for hair detangling

Are you looking for natural detangling products? You can skip all products available in the markets and make your homemade product! Simply follow these easy steps and use a recycled spray bottle:

  • Some distilled water (around 8 oz)
  • 1 teaspoon aloe vera gel
    One (1) tbsp of pure aloe vera gel.
  • one to two drops of glycerin (optional)
  • 1-2 drops essential oil (e.g., lavender, jojoba)
  • Some drops of your favorite essential oils (lavender, jojoba … etc)
  • 10 drops or more of grapefruit extracts (natural)

After that, section your hair and apply the same mixture to each part. Keep detangling while proceeding.

Your Hair growth and hair regrowth

We all ladies hove to feel and see our hair with more length and strength. Learn how to use aloe vera for hair and for this purpose. In addition, it can help with your bald spots. Hair masks will provide enzymes to attack skin cells. This way you get moisture and also a shiny hair. This procedure will unclog easily your follicles. Furthermore, the aloe gel will promote growth and sustailable hair and skin.

What about you then, let us know how to use aloe vera for hair? How did it work on your hair?

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