How to use aloe vera for acne ?



Aloe vera is a part of a big juicy family. It is a pure wild plant which grows in the wild and has thick and very serrated leaves. The gel inside these leaves is of a good help to soothe skin with irritation or burns. Some people use this gel for treating acne.

Many tribes think and also confirm that consuming aloe vera can help hydrate and heal a list of skin problematics.

An application against acne

Many studies confirms the great association of traditional acne medication along with the aloe vera plant. There have been several great results of these studies. If you have a moderate acne and you are looking for a natural easy way to soothe the skin, you can then follow these home tips and remedies.

Use a pure aloe vera gel

The anti-inflammatory property of the pure aloe vera gel is a healing weapon against acne. Add to this the antibacterial properties and also antioxidant properties of the aloe vera pure gel. This natural juicy leaf have been used for years against wounds, to kill pain and also heal all sort of burns.

How to proceed

You can purchase some pure aloe vera gel or just buy an aloe vera cleanser. By applying it you will boost a blood flow in your skin and it will kill off a load of harmful bacteria. You can target different areas of acne. Apply before your bed time and wash it all in the morning so you can avoid irritation.

Make a face mask at home

The aloe vera plant can assist you to control and also reduce bacteria as a source of acne. Two other sources are cinnamon and honey. The combination of these three as a homemade treatment can help you smooth your skin and get rid of acne.

How to make a homemade face mask

You start with two tablespoons of honey (prefer pure natural honey) and mix it with 1 tablespoon of pure aloe vera gel. Add a 1/4 of cinnamon tablespoon before to apply the mask to your face. Let it do the work for 5 to 10 minutes and then clean after application.

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A face mask with aloe vera and lemon juice

If you add a lemon juice to your aloe vera face mask then you are sure to give your face a refreshed and reviving look. It will kill some or all of bacteria that might be responsible of your acne. Our clinical trusted sources shows that some kind of fruit acids such as lemon juices are natural cleansers for acne treatment.

Your cleanser with tea tree oils

As a safe natural antibacterial remedie, the tea tree oil is a key ingredient to mix with the aloe vera gel. It can produce many benefits for your face but make sure not to leave it for a long time on your face.

How to make the mix

Start by using the aloe vera gel then add pure water as well as 2 to 3 drops of your tea tree oil. Apply this mixture carefully to your face. Wash off after a little minute and pat dry your face afterwards.

Creams with aloe vera extracts

There are several acne creams which includes aloe vera. If you are not making your cleansers you can consider looking for a couple of creams in addition to your routine. There are many anti-inflammatory capabilities inside the aloe vera pure gel and extracts. It is a very popular remedy in the acne treatment market.

Few recommendations for using aloe vera for acne

Many people consider using aloe vera based beverages to treat acne but there is no scientific direct evidences for improved results. You have after all to avoid consuming and drinking masses of aloe vera pure gel or related products. If you think that you might have a small allergy make sure to check with your health professional before any abusive use.

Some aloe vera extracts might have a big interaction with other drug components. Make sure to let know your health professional or aloe vera products seller if you consume any aloe vera gel.

We advise not to use aloe vera substances or masks before trying a small quantity on your wrist or even behind your ear. Make a small test on your skin before you start with your face. If you find any reaction after the first use, stop immediately and seek advise from a health professional.

To wrap it up

There is more than one way to help fight the acne wwith home treatment. If your acne is at moderation rates, then the aloe vera gel can help you kill bacteria related. Most of people have to feel very optimistic and glad to choose the aloe vera as a natural source of remedies.

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