How to make aloe vera juice at home ?


How to make aloe vera juice at home – this post will assist you to make yourself your own aloe juice at home with easy and simple ingredients. Making beverages at home is of course more hygienic and also economical. Some people never drink any type of juice in cafes, restaurents or even bars. This aloe vera juice is perfect for a healthy daily habit.

When I started growing up I saw a couple of aged women in our backyard asking for a leaf or to from our big aloe vera plants.

My mom would always give them some aloe vera leaves as she still considers the plant of a great benefit for the body and also the environment.

Few years ago I started to make some aloe vera juice, I made beverages from fresh cut leaves as they are easy to find in different food stores in Morocco. I was very familiar with the leaf and I was good at identifying correct and well shaped ones so they can be used right away.

If you are still not familiar with the aloe vera plant, then you can still use the aloe gel available and simple to use.

So you can now make some fresh juice from the fresh aloe leaf or with the aloe gel you bought. Let’s see together how to extract some aloe gel from the leaves so you can make a tasty fresh aloe vera juice at home.

How to make aloe vera juice step-by-step

  1. Start by identifying your aloe vera leaf : there are different types of aloe vera plants. Spend some time to identify the right ones for your use. If you choose the wrong one it might be very dangerous for your health. If you hesitate or have some doubts please simply buy the aloe gel ready from a trust brand.

Here is how in some countries aloe leaves are available for sale.

Aloe plant leaves for sale in the market. Credits here

2. Identify the best parts of your leaf : The gel part is the only edible part inside the big leaf. The other parts might and can be very toxic. Extract the gel with a lot of attention so you get the most of it. You can see step by step how to do that with the guide below.

3. How to use your extracted aloe vera gel : You can make a variety of smoothies and also fruit juices. There is no difficult way to make some juice. Add simply the gel to your fresh fruit juice.

fresh smoothie
fresh smoothie – Credits here

4. For how long you can store the gel ? : Many people like to extract the gel then preserve it. Do not forget that many medicinal and health leabenefits will disappear after all in a very short time. You can as well think about refregirating it.

5. Test and consult a health professional : although you might think you are not allergic, sometimes some people forget to check for allergies. Start slow then with a small teaspoon of gel.

Ingredients for your juice (consider for 1 cup or 240 mL)

  • some aloe vera gel
  • 1 cup of a fruit juice or even lemonade. You can go with a vegan smoothie as xell.
  • A sweetner if you tolerate it.
  • 1 tbsp of lemon juice (optional)

Recipe of your homemade aloe vera juice

  1. If you take off a fresh aloe vera leaf from your plant then keep it for at least one hour aside. Make sure to clean the yellow liquid which comes out of the leaf.
  2. After that wash the leaf under running water then pat dry it with a clean towel.
  3. Cut two sides with a scissor then you can fillet it to two parts in the center so you get two pices.
  4. Take off the white gel to a clean bowl and make sure the yellow liquid is apart.
  5. Make sure your gel is clean from specks of green or even some yellow rinds.
  6. Store your gel in a jar (you can read more about this operations in this article)
  7. Add your gel to any fruit juice of your choice. Start by one or even two tbsp – Check with your health specialist.
  8. Serve your drink after that immediatly for a fresh result.
Aloe Vera juice homemade – Credits here

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