How To Make Aloe Vera gel at home ?


Few months ago a new store opened in a small town near where I live. I checked it out a couple of days before to recognize a long and beautiful plant with long leaves. I heard and checked online to know that it was the aloe vera plant. I then decided to purchase the first one then.

I thought for a long time then that this plan and gel can only be made in factories and bought in stores. Few people know even now that it is easy and fast to take care of one at home. Let’s all see then how to harvest and how to make aloe vera gel at home ?

What are benefits of aloe vera ?

Everyone is aware of the different benefits of aloe vera gel and especially on sunburns. It is a great natural product for reducing pain and inflammation from small burns. More than that, the aloe vera gel can apply and transfer different benefits to the skin.

Different products for first aid can be made at home easily. The aloe vera is a source of anti-inflammatory, it has a huge amount of antioxidant properties. It is a fundamental product for healing processes.

It is easy to get a couple of recipes and replace many products. The aloe vera gel

Where Can You find the aloe vera plant

The aloe vera plant makes an amazing houseplant. Filtering the air as well as using its leaves for great uses. You can find one easily at a nursery.

To take care of an aloe vera plant, it is almost the same as a cactus care. A real draining atmosphere and sandy soil. Frost is to avoid. Wait for at least 2 inches of the soil to dry. The overwatering is never advisable for an aloe vera plant.

For my first cut of the aloe vera plant, I did that as I said from a local store. There are more chances at organic stores and open markets. You can find as well aloe vera plants available at indian food stores around your area.

How To Harvest Gel from the Aloe Vera plant ?

The aloe vera plant has leaves with an important length and a small curve with serrated edges. The gel is behind the skin and it is simply the thick juicy part inside.

what you need :

  • Some leaves of aloe vera
  • a sharp knife
  • a container to store aloe vera
  • a blender
  • clean mid-sized bowl

Instructions :

  1. Try cutting the leaf into small sections of 8″ long.
  2. Get rid of the serrated edges. The part on the edge does not contain a huge amount of gels.
  3. Divide the 8″ part into 2 or even 3 long strips.
  4. Be careful while sliding the soft side of the blade under the skin and until the first end of the strips.
  5. With precaution slide your knife on the bottom side of the skin and follow the full length of your leaf. Try staying as close as possible to the skin so you can get a maximum of gel out.
  6. When you get the first piece of skin off, flip upside down the section and start over with the second side.
  7. Divide the flesh into 2 to 3 pieces so you can store it in a clean bowl.
  8. Repeat all previous steps until all of your sections are worked out and all the flesh is inside your blender pitcher.
  9. Start blending until the whole raw material is smooth. It will start forthing when you start your blender. Keep going and finish the blending.
  10. After a little while the forth will slow down. After that put your gel into a clean container and refregirate it.
  11. Keep the gel inside the refregirator for a full week.
aloe vera gel cutting process – Credits here

How to preserve the aloe vera gel ?

The aloe vera pure flesh and gel can stay good for a little week in your refregirator. If you used a small aloe vera leaf this can’t be a problem. If you are planning on using a refregirator then target a small leaf rather than a bigger one. Here are some other ways to store your gel without any waste.

Use a freezer

If you use the container you kept inside the refregirator, you can use cube trays and freeze the gel until a solid state. For every use pull out a small number of aloe vera cubes. Your aloe vera plant will rest while you use what you stored inside the freezer.

An alternative way is to cut the flesh into cubes and to separate layers with some baking sheets. A container or bag then will do the work inside a freezer. It should be easy to pull a piece when needed.

Add some Natural Preservatives to your gel

When I transform one of the largest leaves I end up with more than 1.5 cups. For my personal use I start with one cup and I put into the freezer the rest of it.

For the first full cum I add about 2000 mg of Vitamin C capsules as well as a capsule of Vitamin E. You can crush a couple of tablets. Stir the whole thing and then let it rest. You can do it step-by-step.

You can blend from start with an immersion blender. You can use this to increase the life time of your gel. An immersion blender makes your gel live longer.

Do you have an aloe vera plant at home ? Share with us how you prepare your aloe vera gel at home.


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