How to eat aloe vera and can you eat it ?


We call the aloe productsplant often with the title “plant of immortality” and it is the case because this plant can live but also bloom without any need of soil.

The aloe vera plant is a part of a big family which we call the Liliaceae family and it has more than 400 other species in the same group.

Aloe Vera is one of the common plants used in traditional medicine and for thousands of years, several studies demonstrate various health uses and benefits. Some examples are treatment for sunburns, lowering blood sugar levels and even fighting against dental plaques.

More than that, you can find more than 75 different active compounds inside the aloe vera gel including rich minerals, vitamins, enzymes, some amino acids and even fat acids and some polysaccharides.

However, some of you might think if it’s completely safe or not to comsume the aloe vera gel. In this article, we will discuss and answer the question : how to eat aloe vera and can you eat it ?

Can You Eat Aloe Vera

It overall safe to consume aloe vera leaves

Work your aloe vera leaves

The aloe vera leaf is an association of three main parts : the skin, the famous gel and the latex around it. The gel is the most known part due to its health benefits and uses.

Most people use the gel applied to their skin. It is also very safe to eat this gel if you prepare it with the right ways.

This aloe vera gel is naturally very clean, it has a refreshing taste and you can add it to different recipes like smoothies in summer or sauces.

To prepare the gel, you can go to our special article describing step-by-step how to make aloe vera gel at home. It is very simple.

You can start by cutting off the spiky edges on the very top and follow alongside the aloe vera leaf.

You can then slice off the skin on the first flat side. Remove the gel and dice all of it into small cubes if you wish so.

Even if the aloe vera gel is clean you can make sure to wash the cuves so you get rid of a little dirt, debris and some residues. The latex around can leave some unpleasant and bitter taste.

What is this latex then ? It’s this very thin layer separating the skin and the gel inside each leaf. This latex layer has a non negligeable amount of compounds with some very good laxative properties like the aloin for example.

know how to react

Without being said it is not necessary to abuse the consumption of the latex. It can lead to serious and even potential fatal and dangerous side effects.

On the opposite side, the aloe vera skin and gel are always and generally even safe to eat. it has a small mild flavor and a great crunchy texture. You can add some dice to your salads anytime. Some people prefer to dip aloe vera gel dices in salsas or hummus.

To prepare carefully the skin, start by cutting off all spiky edges on the top and follow alongside the plant. You can even soak afterwards in water for about 10 to 20 minutes before you cosider eating the first parts. If you find it too though add some time and let it soak.b


We warn our followers not to choose different leaves and to check carefully that they come from an aloe vera plant and not other species. Some types may be very poisonous and not suitable for the human consumption.

To sum up this part, it is generally very safe to eat the alo vera gel which can be found inside the aloe vera leaves. The skin is as well edible. Make sure to wash the skin and also the gel to get rid of the last traces of some latex.

Avoid consuming the Aloe Vera gel manufactured for skin care orally

All aloe products for skin care and gels are not for oral consumption.

These products are made to help for example soothe sunburns, reduce some type of inflammations, take care of skin with moisturizing, taking off itchiness and treating a list of skin problematics.

Different aloe vera gel products have ingredients added to improve their texture, the smell and even the color sometimes. These ingredients are not at all meant for oral consumption.

In addition, to process the aloe vera gel for the skin use for example, some active ingredients and transformed and it means that you can’t get all benefits from eating these processed gels.

All aloe vera skin products have ingredients and components which are not suitable for the oral use. There are different products available and useful for the personal consumption, to drink and to eat along with your daily diet.


All benefits from eating aloe vera

There is a long list of potential health benefits confirmed from consuming the aloe vera gel on a daily basis. Other parts as well of the leaf are linked directly to these benefits.

Here are few and top wanted health benefits resulting from the consumption of aloe vera :

Health and medical conditions

Possible reduction of blood sugar levels : different animal and human studies have demonstrated the help of the aloe vera gel to reduce blood sugar levels. This reduction is possible with the increase of insulin sensitivity.

Possible help against inflammatory signals : for test-tubes studies and also animals, some inflammatory signals were extracted by some aloe vera compounds. These signals are TNFα, IL-1 and IL-6.

Confirmed reduction of dental plaque : with a mouthwash use, the aloe vera juice can replace the regular mouthwash. With time the dental plaque can be improved.

Memory loss and benefits of antioxidants

Possible boost for memory : in a specific animal study, the aloe vera gel consumption helped enhancing learning capacities but also memory properties while reducing as well symptoms of depression.

Very rich amount of antioxidants: If you look for raising your antioxidants levels, you can consider aloe vera products. These antioxidants help fight different damages caused by radicals. These radicals can be linked to different chronic diseases.


To sum up, the aloe vera plant have been studied and linked directly and indirectly to different potential health benefits. Reduction of blood sugar levels, some inflammations and even dental plaque. Memory and also antioxidant defenses.

Dangers from consuming aloe vera the wrong way

The latex

The aloe latex as a yellow substance inside the leaves can be very dangerous and carrying potential risks.

Small doses are 100% safe and benefical for your health. Latex can help treating constipation by working on contractions. In 2002 however the US FDA have banned some sales of the aloe vera latex via different commercialized products due to some safety concerns.

Some side effects may occur for a long-term use of the aloe vera latex. These side effects are stomach cramps, some kidney problems and even irregular heartbeat. Some muscle weakness was found as well during a study.

Some studies talk about not exceeding a dose of 1 gram everyday. Long-term use may even be mortal.

Exceptions and recommendations

We do not advice pregnant women of course the consumption of aloe vera latex. This substance may stimulate some uterine contractions and this can lead to a miscarriage.

For the aloe vera latex, people affected with digestive disorders like inflammatory bowel disease or Crohn’s disease should not consider taking or consuming it.

Overall for everyone talking drugs in a high frequency such as heart, kidney or even people with diabetes medications everyday. It is better not to eat aloe vera gel based products everyday.

Aloe vera Skin Care products

For all aloe vera skin care gels products, it is better to avoid all oral methods to consume them. They do not offer the same benefits for a skin use. Some components of skin care gels are not suitable for an oral use and human digestive consumption.

The latex part of the aloe vera leaf can be very harmful. Pregnant women, some people with specific digestive disorders as well as people with strict medications have to avoid it.

to summarize …

You can eat the aloe vera gel as well as use all skin care products. The aloe vera gel is suitable for different health benefits.

Take time to wash the gel as well as the skin so you remove all latex traces. This latex has an unpleasant taste and can also cause some harmful side effects.

We do not recommend to eat and consume aloe vera skin care products orally. They will not offer the same benefits as the classical aloe vera gel.

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