How to apply fresh aloe vera on hair ?


What’s this new plant ? All right, it seems that the famous “plant of immortality” is getting more and more recognition. Many celebrities nowadays use aloe vera for their personal look and health. Does anyone of you know really what are different benefits of aloe gel on hair ? If so, how to apply fresh aloe vera on hair ?

According to studies, the aloe gel has the same pH level as a natural hair. It has as well a high water content and it is full of minerals and vitamins. It is well known that the aloe gel has about 75 ingredients such as essential amino acids and a couple of very useful minerals like zinc and also copper. These ingredients are proven to increase and maintain a high level maintenance and growth of the human hair.

The aloe gel helps you with a sunburned or dry skin. You can get a conditioner based on aloe gel. The ingredients have a lot of benefits on your hair as well as skin. It helps with their growth and strength. In addition to that, it is a 100% natural source.

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However, there might be one or two things to know about this natural source. The different benefits of aloe vera is mostly known for healing properties as well as anti-microbial ones. It has as well moisturizing natural ingredients but you need to know well your product before using it for your hair and scalp.

How to apply fresh aloe vera on hair ? – as a conditioner.

Everyone usually knows the different soothing skin and hair care benefits. What about the haircare properties? It is for sure a powerful aloe vera plant. According to the founder and CEO of a big aloe based products company, the aloe vera has enzymes helping dead skin cells. The fresh aloe vera gel added to a conditioner can be used to leave your hair shiny as well as smooth. It helps with your hair growth and it can also prevent itching. For dandruff you can reduce it drastically while conditioning your hair.

According to Stephen Ko a well-known cosmetic formulator, the aloe vera is easily recognizable and in addition to that, it has powerful marketable ingredients. One of them is called “polysaccharides” and it helps forming a film on the top of the hair or the skin. It provides you with enough water-binding properties.

Aloe vera properties and their thousands uses

It was established that there are a couple of ways to use both the pure aloe vera gel and the aloe vera extracts itself. You can for example mix your best oil using it as a conditioner and add to that some aloe gel. You can still use your previous conditioner and with a simple mix you can get a strong moisturizer using a small amount of aloe vera gel.

If you happen to make something at home and without proper preservatives please make sure to keep it inside a refregirator. The aloe gel can be unsafe while used out of date. We recommend you wash the raw aloe gel out of your hair and hair skin for a few minutes at least. You can also repeat the procedure as wished.

As you know, the aloe gel can form a thin film so your dry hair can get a great “crunchy” touch. Every person has a different style and kind of hair. It can be curly or straight, dry or even oily sometimes. The aloe gel can work with different types of hair. Most of components can be rinsed off easily with water. Using the plant as a conditioner is really providing a big improvment to your hair.

How to apply fresh aloe vera to avoid scalp irritations.

As a start, apply aloe vera as it has different anti-inflammatory and also antibacterial properties. If you try moisturizing the scalp, it wil for sure helps as well preventing from dandruff. The gel keeps hydrating the skin as long as you keep using it frequently.

Aloe vera against Dandruff – Credits here

If you have an oily scalp or even a dry one you can make sure to get most of benefits for using aloe vera based products. If your hair is thin, consider that the aloe gel is heavy. We recommend you wash it out of your hair everytime you want to use a different styling product.

Michelle F. Henry is a certified dermatologist who says that dandruff is simply a source of dry scalp. For this the aloe vera can help. She adds that the aloe vera is not the only treatment and you need to wait for a long period of treatment if you consider only aloe vera gel.

According to a study made in 2014, the aloe vera may have a small mild effect in terms of treating skin irritations. The study shows that the aloe vera salicylic acid is at low rates and can’t be enough to help cure a total skin irritation.

Improvements are necessary to establish a relationship with hair growth

A study says that there are no enough evidences to establish a big relationship between aloe vera benefits and hair growth. The “aloenin” as a component helps a little bit speed up the hair regrowth. This study however concerns mice and there is still a need for further research on humans.

The aloe is for sure a great source to increase the hair moisture levels. We hope now you know how to apply fresh aloe vera on hair. However it does not stimulate or develop the hair growth. We are sure that this magical plant has too many benefits which you can take. Using it in a daily basis as a gel or several products can help you maintain an excellent hair condition.

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