Benefits of drinking aloe vera : Health and Medical facts.


The aloe vera plant has different and many nutritional, but also it has several medicinal uses. The main part of this plant is the green gel-filled long leaves. People usually use its gel for the treatment of burns and wounds. You can find juices based on aloe vera available for sale.

Today the aloe vera juice is one of the preferred choices for many smoothies places and bio stores and bars.

For this article, we will learn about all potential benefits of drinking aloe vera juices and consuming aloe vera products. We will as well see some recommandations and dosing.

Let’s start with benefits of drinking aloe vera:

1. Treatment of constipation

The aloe vera leaves are of a big popularity with constipation treatment
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For people going through periodic constipation, you may use some aloe vera juice to replace your laxative and as a support additional natural laxative.

The external part of the aloe plant contains some compounds (anthraquinones) and they tend to have laxative effects.

If a person is trying aloe vera juice for the first time, they may wish to start with a small serving. One serving is usually 1 cup or 8 ounces (oz) of juice.

If you are trying the aloe vera pure juice for the first time, you can consider starting with a small dose. One serving is about 1 cup of 8 ounces (oz) of the FOREVER ALOE VERA GEL®.

Many researchers know about the aloe vera laxative effect and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have not confirmed the safety of the use for this specific purpose.

We advise people suffering from frequent constipation to consult a doctor to select appropriate and more convenient laxatives for a long-term perspective.

2. Natural vitamin C source

For a pure 8 oz of aloe vera juice, you find about 9.1 grams of pure vitamin C. This specific vitamin is vital for anyone’s health. It’s a natural very known antioxidant which helps a lot to prevent and fight against inflammations.

The famous Vitamin C has a big variety of benefits, such as reducing risks of cardiovascular disease or the function of improving immune system. If you get enough Vitamin C you are sure to enhance your ability to absorb enough iron from all plant-based foods.

The vitamin C exists naturally in different foods like oranges or green peppers, grapefruits and broccolis. The aloe vera juice is then another excellent provider of this essential vitamine.

3. Healthy hydratation

It is always positive to drink plenty of fluids all day long so everyone stays hydrated. If you wish a low-calorie and sugar-free drink mixed with natural fruit juices, you can go for a small 8-oz glass of an aloe vera juice of your choice. This glass has around 36 Calories only.

Nontheless, make sure to check everytime labeling so you can avoid added sugars. The presence of sugars and carbohydrates will for sure increase the amount of calories in a small cup of juice you choose.

The AHA or American Heart Association recommend not exceeding an amount of 24 grams (g) of added sugar in a daily basis. It is the equivalent of 6 teaspoons. This limitation is for females and around 36 grams or nine (9) teaspoons for males.

4. Gum inflammation reduction

Aloe vera may also help reducing inflammation of the gums.

A brief study in Brasil shows that using a mounthwash which contains some aloe vera juice or gel helps reducing gingival inflammation. The people of concern are ones with running treatments to remove plaques.

In the same study, about 15 participants experimented the aloe vera based mouthwash and the other half of the same size did not. The first half of the group concludes a significant reduction of gum inflammation.

Consequently, all researchers confirms from this study that the aloe vera antibacterial properties helps to get to results the team was looking for.

5. Blood sugar levels control

It seems like the aloe vera may have potential benefits for the control of blood sugar levels according to a scientific analysis published in 2016 by the Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics. People of concern are with prediabetes syndromes and type 2 diabetes.

The analysis contains different studies with a population of about 470 participants. This group experimented different preparations and products based on aloe vera including several juices and powders.

Furthermore, results shows that adding aloe vera juices helps to improve controling blood sugar levels of different participants.

Be that as it may, they also confirmed that in order to have a deep understanding of the aloe vera juices effects on diabetes seems like large studies are required.

6. Protection against stomach ulcers

Along with all aloe vera juice benefits, there are some concerning digestive systems. These properties are responsible of reducing the impact of stomach ulcers hence improving digestion. A research made in 2014 highlighted this conclusion.

All anti-inflamattory properties included in aloe vera juices and especially Vitamin C may contribute efficiently to the digestive effects stated above.

Quantified recommendations

The following doses are from different scientific researches :

Oral consumptions along adults

  • To treat an oral submucous fibrosis : Take a glass of 30 mL pure aloe vera twice a day and add to that some aloe vera gel cream so you apply it to lesions at least three times a day and for 3 months straight.
  • Constipation symptoms: Take 100 to 200 mg of aloe vera gel better in the evening. Adding to that at least a 500 mg capsule of aloe without exceeding 3 capsules in a daily basis.
  • Weight loss management: Choose a specific aloe vera gel product with about 147 mg of pure aloe and consume it daily for about 8 weeks. Renew the use as you wish and as a part of a healthy diet plan.
  • Diabetes issues: There is no clear doses for diabetes syndroms. We suggest taking multiple doses of aloe vera between 4 and 14 weeks. Mix it with powder, aloe vera gel, extracts …etc. For the powder use 100 to 1000 mg everyday. For your juice keep it from 15 to 150 mL daily.

Skin applications:

  • Against acne : Half of the treatment can come from an aloe vera gel cream to apply in the morning and the evening. Apply this cream after washing the face. Complete the treatment with a medical treatment “tretinoin gel” in the evening (consult a dermatologist for more information)
  • For a mouth condition called oral submucous fibrosis: 5 mg of an aloe gel applied on each side of the cheeks three times daily for 3 months has been used. Applying pure aloe vera gel to lesions three times daily for 3 months has been used along with drinking pure aloe vera juice 30 mL twice daily.
  • Recommendations for herpes : Target a cream with at least 0,5% of pure aloe extracts. Apply 3 times daily for a serie of 5 days. Repeat the operation for a total of 2 weeks.
  • For your irritated skin (even inside the mouth) : Use a simple natural aloe gel you can apply to to three times everyday for about 8 weeks. Use as well an aloe mouthwash (2 tablespoons). Spit after 2 minutes and carry the operation everyday for a full month until your skin heals.
  • Calming burns : Mix aloe with olive oil type of cream. Apply twice a day for about 6 weeks. You can even use the aloe vera pure cream after you finish changing wound dressing. You can step up to three times a day until the burn heals.
  • For the skin disease : psoriasis Apply an aloe vera cream with 0,5% of aloe extracts. Use it daily for four weeks.

Skin applications for children:

  • Acne for children : Use the same treatment as adults .
  • For oral submucous fibrosis : Use simply 5 mg of aloe vera pure gel and aplly it on each side of the kid’s cheeks. Repeat three times a day for at least 3 months.

Our Precautions & Warnings:

Breast-feeding periods and pregnancies : It is POSSIBLY UNSAFE to consume the aloe latex orally. Avoid all kind of oral use of aloe vera or espetially the aloe latex while breast-feeding or during pregnancy.

Avoid Aloe vera products and espetially latex

For diabetes : do not over consume aloe vera products as it can lower blood sugar levels. Make sure to monitor yours carefully while enjoyiing several doses of aloe vera juices.

If you have intestinal condutions (ulcerative colitis, obstructions or Crohn’s diseases) : Avoid consuming the aloe vera latex as it can be irritant. Make sure as well to avoid making aloe vera gel as it can contain a small dose of the aloe latex.

Hemorrhoids: Do not take aloe latex if you have hemorrhoids. It could make the condition worse. Remember, products made from whole aloe leaves will contain some aloe latex. 

What about hemorrhoids ? Avoid the aloe latex as it can make things worse. Some of the aloe products may contain a small portion of latex.

If you are going through surgery : be careful not to change the blood sugar levels with a use of some aloe vera products. We advise you stop taking aloe for at least 2 full weeks before your scheduled surgery.

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